Advanced Skeletal Imaging


ASI aims to provide the most up-to-date imaging solutions for spinal and musculoskeletal disorders in the most timely fashion.

This is not just about the latest or most novel equipment. It is also about offering responsive services to match your clinical needs.

Example 1: On Demand Ultrasound (London Only)

Faced with a patient short of time or who has travelled a long way for consultation, it can be frustrating to have to wait for access to ultrasound. ASI can provide ultrasound imaging and guided injections “On Demand”.  Rapid access can be assured by registering your practice with ASI which will provide a direct phone number for personal/secretarial use. For more details please contact

Example 2: EOS Whole Body Postural Analysis

The EOS equipment allows, for the first time, completely accurate, highly detailed analysis of the standing skeleton. Technology like MRI is excellent for imaging and stage disease such as disc herniation or facet arthritis. But EOS offers an insight into the origin of these disease processes and the possibility for corrective intervention

Example 3: Upright Open MRI

The Paramed MROpen has the widest gap of any magnet and can accommodate patients lying, sitting or standing. In addition to unique insights into the weight-related pathologies, the magnet will allow patients who are too scared, too large or suffering from deformity to be successfully scanned.

Example 4: Second Opinion Reporting

ASI can provide rapid turnaround second opinion reporting for difficult cases, or for patients scanned abroad. In addition the normal Medico-legal reporting service is available with guaranteed one week turnaround.

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For Clinicians

For Clinicians


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